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Plastic aluminum heat is a share of what "wind"?

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As we all know, the cooling material is a direct impact on LED lighting quality and life of an important factor. Many manufacturers of LED downlight light efficiency than expected value is low, the light fades too fast, mainly because the heat is not ideal, therefore, in order to effectively lift the development of LED downlight shackles, an innovative plastic aluminum Material came into being.

So what is the favor of the company? What is the future development trend of the mainstream flow-through downlight? Today we will explore the inquiry together.

Plastic aluminum material how to become "new darling"?

With the continuous innovation of LED cooling technology, the major materials companies have introduced a new R & D project, from aluminum shell to ceramic products, and then to plastic aluminum heat dissipation material, the discussion on the heat of the material has never stopped. As the plastic aluminum combined with the characteristics of plastic and aluminum, and enhance the safety of thermal materials, but also enhance the practicality of the cooling kit, aesthetics, but also to a large extent reduce the use of cost, there are a number of domestic enterprises Research and development and application, including Puwang Optoelectronics, Kunshan Nanuo, vide, Cheung new photoelectric, Anson lighting, three lighting, shepherd lighting.

As the first domestic development and application of thermal conductivity of plastic in the LED lighting kit (plastic aluminum structure) of the enterprise, Pu million photoelectric since 2012 launched the first domestic plastic package aluminum cooling products, it has been widely recognized within the industry and pro- Access to Op, Hongli, ground on the photoelectric, NVC lighting and many other first-line brand of samples, and some smaller customers are more than a thousand. It is reported that the current Puwang Optoelectronics has developed LED cooling kit with LED bulb, fluorescent lamp, downlight, candle light, table lamp, spotlights, street lamps, PAR lights, etc., which PAR lamp maximum power up to 100KW or more, Volt, over IP65 test.

Plastic aluminum as a new type of heat dissipation material, is currently being used by some manufacturers, at the same time, the concept of holding also makes it a hot topic in the LED lighting industry. Shenzhen Anson Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Technical Director Li Ting Shuai that the use of plastic aluminum is the biggest benefit of the power supply can be non-isolated type, without regard to high-pressure on the personal safety problems, the corresponding power supply costs will be reduced.

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