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The Latest Technology and Application of LED Downlight Cooling in Low - profit

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Lower cost, higher efficiency. With the LED market gradually mature, LED lighting on the various components also put forward more stringent requirements.

Among them, directly related to LED lighting product performance and reliability of the cooling parts, LED lighting design and application of the increasingly important topic. So, what is the current application of LED cooling parts to what extent? What is the latest heat dissipation material? Aladdin News Center from the lamp cooling, the industry to visit, from the front line LED downlight and heat dissipation enterprises to understand the new technology of LED cooling materials New application.

Aluminum cooling is widely used, but the cost and environmental issues are becoming more and more serious

In the Aladdin News Center reporter learned that most of the current LED downlight manufacturers still use aluminum cooling material as a light shell, because of its good heat and forming, mature, in the field of light and high power lamps have been good Of the market share. But the processing complex, high cost, material and other shortcomings are still LED lamps to reduce the cost of natural barriers.

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