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LED application classroom lighting is the trend

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The beginning of the new semester, many parents and students are busy preparing for college entrance examination. Reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Health Commission was informed that this year's Beijing college entrance examination time for March 1 to March 20. Reporters also learned that in recent years in the college entrance examination, the lack of vision is very common, has become the main health problems of young people.

The end of October last year, the Ministry of Education, the State Health Commission, the State Sports General Administration jointly issued the "on strengthening the prevention and treatment of children and adolescents myopia guidance", aimed at effective control of the incidence of myopia in children and adolescents, Level. The document pointed out that the primary and secondary schools to protect the classroom lighting and lighting in line with relevant state documents and standards for students to meet the requirements of the eye health requirements of the learning environment.

Reporters learned that a lot of teachers and students on the current classroom lighting environment is not particularly satisfied, but the reporter also found a "interesting phenomenon" - the use of LED (light-emitting diode), the use of LED, Lighting teachers and students generally reflect the lighting environment is good. The use of LED classroom lighting is not suitable for students, with this problem, we interviewed the National Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Shanghai), deputy director of the Fudan University Institute of electric light source guest professor, Shanghai Lighting Association Yu Anqi.

Reporter: The current LED is widely used in home, business, public lighting and other fields, most of the field of classroom lighting using fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps are more suitable for students, more advantages?

Yu Anqi: In fact, six years ago, I did not support LED lighting products in classroom lighting applications, because when the LED lighting products, the technical level is far from the level of traditional fluorescent lamps. LED lighting technology in recent years by leaps and bounds, high-quality LED lamps and light in the light effect, light color temperature, color index, light distribution, light failure and reliability of a comprehensive over the traditional light source.

At present, most of the classrooms used by the fluorescent lamp has an unavoidable problem, light failure caused by the desk of the illumination and illumination uniformity is generally lower than the national standards; direct light students eye glare, the configuration of the inductive ballast is serious Light strobe, is bound to cause visual fatigue led to myopia. And fluorescent lamps containing mercury, its environmental pollution is immeasurable, the future will gradually be eliminated.

In addition, LED has the energy saving, long life, very low maintenance costs are also three characteristics of fluorescent lamps can not match. Therefore, the field of classroom lighting should be timely introduction of a new generation of high efficiency eye protection, energy saving and environmental protection of high-quality LED products, which is very important for the protection of students vision.

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