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Libo Lighting Website is officially launched

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With a focus on innovative lighting design & high quality products, we want to show you the future of LED furniture lighting solutions. We're always looking to the future and year on year we strive to design and develop new and unique concepts for you and your customers.

Our aim is to push the boundaries of our industry by designing and delivering the most innovative, unique products brought to you by our in-house team. We keep fully abreast of the latest consumer opinions and market trends; it’s what fuels our ideas for new product development and prototypes.


1.Excellent Quality Control Procedures
All products are inspected before delivery. We give you our commitment to quality.

2.Professional & Pro-Active Service
Our customer service team whose mission is to ensure we deliver the best Lighting solutions to customers throughout the world.

3.Competitive Prices
Quality and design at an affordable price

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